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The Grand Experience in Fiesta Mexicana

Got any dinner plans? Looking for a place to celebrate with friends? “What is the best Mexican food near me?” you ask. This Mexican restaurant is definitely a must try for people visiting Las Vegas. Call your loved ones and take them to Fiesta Mexicana, the best family restaurant with authentic Mexican flavors. There are lots of varieties of flavors to try in this grand Mexican restaurant. You can find the classics such as the tacos, burritos, chimichangas and other popular Mexican delicacies in this Las Vegas restaurant.

Here is what to look forward to during your visit in Fiesta Mexicana:

1. Appetizers
Before getting into the actual feast, start off your gastronomical journey with some delicious appetizers. In Fiesta Mexicana you can enjoy yourself a combo appetizer of nachos, quesadillas and chicken taquitos topped off with guacamole, green onion and sour cream. You can also give appetizers such as the Hongos Al Ajo, Mexican Pizza and Queso Fundido a try to get a taste of the flavours of Fiesta Mexicana.

2. The Lunch Specials
If you are looking for a place to have lunch with your loved ones, paying a visit to Fiesta Mexicana is a good choice. They have lunch specials that are served from Monday – Friday every 11:00AM – 3:00PM. It consists of various kinds of classic Mexican flavours which include a variety of salads, burritos, enchiladas and main dishes all cooked to perfection for a hearty lunch. Lunch specials include a deluxe taco salad, the super burrito, picadillo enchiladas, carne asada and so much more dishes to try. Visit at Fiesta Mexicana Las Vegas

3. The Dinner Menu
After a long day of school or work, treating yourself to a delicious Mexican meal for all the hard work sounds like a good idea. The dinner menu consists of different kinds of vegetable dishes, Mexican meat specialities, and all kinds of meals that will satisfy your gastronomical cravings before the day ends. Enjoy dishes such as the super burrito, beef fajitas, steak al chipotle, one of the very many authentic Mexican dishes among others. If you want a little bit of extra flavor on the side of your delicious meals, you can order sides off the menu such as sour cream, guacamole, flour tortillas and more.

4. Desserts
To top it all off, a little something sweet and savoury will make your meal worthwhile. In this Mexican restaurant you can find unique delicacies on the dessert menu such as the apple chimichanga, sopillas, deep fried cheesecake and deep fried ice cream.

5. Happy Hour
When you are in Las Vegas, a cocktail is something that will definitely make your stay worthwhile. The best Mexican in Vegas serves the best margaritas in town. Swing by Fiesta Mexicana during their happy hour and indulge in some delightful cocktails mixed with mojitos, bacardi and other kinds of flavors that will make your taste buds dance.

“Where can I find Mexican food near me?” you ask, give yourself a grand feast at Fiesta Mexicana.