Clinics that work extra hours for the benefit of busy people like you

It is well said that ‘your health is in your hands’ and this implies that you should take sufficient care of your health. At the same time you should also understand that health is much more important than your wealth. But, with your busy schedule, do you find time to visit the doctor? For busy people like you, now there are many gp after hours clinics open.

As the very name suggests, these clinics provide the services of general practitioners. Their services are available to you even after regular business hours. As a matter of fact, in Australia the number of after-hour general practitioners has risen by nearly 98% in a decade. This highlights the popularity and the utilities of such services among the working population of Australia.

Strategically located:

The services of gp service after hours can be made use of for your routine health checkups and also for various other issues. For your convenience, these GP clinics are strategically located. For example, some of the clinics are located near the metro stations so that you can reach the clinics even while you are coming back from your office.

Appreciated by the Government of Australia:

The services of gp after hours have been appreciated even by the Australian Medical Association. The Association has opined such services help in providing continued medical care to those who are unable to make a visit to the clinics. In fact, the same opinion has been expressed in the Health Reform faq of the Government of Australia.

Consultation by the specialist:

As already said, these clinics provide the services of general practioners. But, in case the physician finds that you require care by specialists, then you will be referred to a suitable hospital. Depending on the emergency and various other factors, the gp after hours may even invite the specialist to the clinic. The specialist would provide you the consultation at the clinic and for further treatment you may have to visit the hospital.

Visit any branch:

These GP clinics have branches at various places in the city. You can visit any of the branches convenient to you. The clinics are connected by network services. Whatever be the branch you visit, the physician in attendance there will be able to take complete view of your case history which helps the physician to provide a suitable treatment.

Book your appointment:

These GP clinics have all the essential facilities like pathological laboratory with suitably qualified and experienced pathologists, comfortable waiting room and so on. In fact, the waiting rooms are so equipped that there is exclusive area for kids where they can play while you are taking consultation with the physician. You may book a doctor in Brisbane either online or by calling the helpline.

Abundantly qualified doctors:

These clinics are open 365 days and normally between 7.00 AM and 11.00 PM. You may take an appointment to see doctor after hours at any time convenient to you. Further, physicians in clinics like are abundantly experienced and they provide you the best possible treatment. Some of these clinics also provide various other services like vaccination, allied health, men’s health, aviation medicine and so on.