Employee Safety: The Top Pros and Cons of Drug Testing in the Workplace

With more countries decreeing bills of law permitting marijuana use for medicinal purposes, an increasingly hot topic has risen in the corporate industry which is drug testing in the workplace. In 1986, Ronald Reagan, a former US President authorized a law in which all federal employees must undergo drug tests, and this began the history of drug testing in the workplace internationally. Currently, in Australia, there aren’t any strict federal regulations that edict workplace drug testing Sydney company employers should follow. However, it is part of the role and responsibility of an employer or supervisor to diagnose substance abuse among their employees to safeguard the security of the business as a whole. If you’re an employer looking into starting an anti-drug policy in the workplace, to find workplace drug testing Sydney experts today should be set as a priority.

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How can implementing anti-drug use tests influence your company?

Any Sydney workplace drug testing expert knows that drug use can result in unpredictable and dangerous behavior, especially if the user is confronted. This will compromise the positive environment you have built for the welfare of your employees. To counter that, you need to implement a system and hire workplace drug testing Sydney clinics to check your employees. However, there can be a good and bad side to this system.

The Pros and Cons of Workplace Drug Testing

Listed below are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of workplace drug testing in Sydney companies:


Preemption of drug use among employees

For most people, their work is set as a higher priority than their leisure. When you as their employer hire workplace drug testing Sydney experts to have your employees checked, the odds that drug use sets are higher than before. When their livelihood is on the line, their leisure and other guilty pleasures like drugs will be lower. Click here Hayden Australia

Safety for your business and your employees

Most jobs, whether done at the construction site, the office, the kitchen, or anywhere else, are best done sober. You can foster a safe working environment for each of your employees by initiating drug tests regularly. This will also reflect that you care for your employee’s well-being.

Prevention of legal liability

When drug use-related mishaps happen, employees are likely to seek compensation in one way or another from you as their employer. You can lessen their risks by implementing drug testing regularly.


The additional costs

It can’t be denied that hiring workplace drug testing Sydney firms will entail additional costs to your business. You can also save more money when you avoid drug-related incidents from happening.

The employee’s privacy is on the line

Initiating these drug abuse regulations may come across as an invasion of your employee’s privacy. In the massive scale of things, drug testing can abolish the trust in the relationship between the people in the workplace.

The accuracy is still controversial

Sometimes, the difference between habitual drug use from one-time drug use can’t be determined. This makes the drug test results conceivably prejudicial to other employees. See more at http://www.haydenaus.com.au/workplace-drug-testing-sydney-central-coast-newcastle/