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6 Distinct Wedding Photo Types Your Photo Album Should Have

Weddings are insanely stressful from the planning up to the big day. In engaged couples’ planners, the wedding photographer section is one of the most scrutinized. In Vancouver, there are traditional and candid photographers like Life Studios Inc.

“What kind of photographer should we hire?” and “Should there be a photo booth?”—these questions confuse couples.

The solution is to have a clean, solid plan of your wedding documentation. What’s even better is your cooperation with your creative team.

Your photographer and videographers may have the skills and the artistic freedom in capturing your most precious moments, but it won’t hurt if you also study their craft. Knowing a thing or two about wedding photo types will help you figure out what you want.

Less confusion = lesser stressors in the wedding day.

Here are six distinct wedding photo types that you’d definitely want in your photo albums:

1. Epic

It used to be just a word you hear often in your literature class. Now, wedding photos can also be epic.

Epic wedding photos are expertly shot photos that have larger than life themes.

A quick example is an epic shot of Life Studios Inc of a couple in a backlight with the city night lights as a backdrop while snow is falling.

Just. Gorgeous.

2. Candid Moments

Now, this is an underrated type of wedding photo. Candid moments are underappreciated, but they are so beautiful.

They are far from traditional—they show raw emotion, go unscripted, and the subjects are caught off guard. The photos may be a stolen shot of your grandmother laughing or your high school classmate wiping away a tear on her cheek.

Did you know you could hire a candid photographer who’s highly trained in specifically taking shots of candid wedding moments? Now you do.

So, go hire one!

3. Drone Shot / Bird’s Eye Perspective

Unless you’re having an underwater or cave wedding, you should discuss a Bird’s Eye View (BEV) or Drone Shot with your photographer and videographer.

Drone shots show an interesting view of your location, your wedding’s floor plan, and your guests. They especially suit those couples who are aesthetically inclined.

BEV or drone shots are especially trending today because of the popularity of camera drones.

Long range camera drones can either be Go-Pro, 12mp, or 4K. They can capture a shot from 200 metres to 3-4 miles, with a duration of 20-27 mins.

You can do sorts of things with a drone shot. You can ask your guests to get in formation for a drone shot. You can also ask the videographer to get a dolly out shot of you and your partner with a lush greenery or a cliff by the sea as a backdrop.

The possibilities of this type of shot are endless.

4. Editorials

Who says fashion models are the ones who can grace editorials? Grace Coddington disapproves.

The subjects in these photos are posing like models, but their stance is still telling a story.

Editorial shots stemmed from the photojournalism approach of wedding photos. Wedding editorials are so hot right now—they are scripted shot and fashioned in a Vogue-esque photography principle.

5. Details

Detail shots are simple but intimate macro shots of people and things’ details. They’re up-close and personal examinations of the parts that make the whole.

Some examples are macro shots of your wedding shoes, your kissing lips, or your mother-in-law’s eyes shedding a tear.

Detail shots have that distinct quality of telling a story with the small but significant things.

6. Romantic

Lastly, but definitely not the least, romantic wedding photos are unforgettable staples to a wedding album.

Nothing’s better than having your intimate kiss or hug as a newlywed couple immortalized in photo paper.

If you want to hire a professional photographer team, Life Studios Inc photography packages include Pre-Wedding session photos and wedding/parent albums.

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